CAPM® Certification Training Program

Course Overview 

PMI®’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is a valuable entry-level certification for Project Practitioners. Designed for those with little or no project experience, the CAPM® Certification demonstrates an understanding of fundamentals, concepts, terminology, and the processes of effective Project Management. CAPM® Certification is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, USA.

Whether you are new to Project Management or already serving as a Professional on project teams, possessing CAPM® Certification can assist in catapulting your career to new heights!

Our CAPM®Certification Training Program introduces Participants to PMI®'s Project Management processes and knowledge areas, as defined in the PMBOK® 6th Edition. The Program methodically prepares Candidates to attain CAPM® Certification. Very often candidates who achieve the CAPM® Credential eventually go on to achieve Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification, after having accrued sufficient Project Management experience.

  • 3 days of Classroom Sessions with an Experienced Trainer
  • 23 Contact Hours/PDUs with Certificate
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Course Kit - Aligned as per PMI® standard for Exam Preparation
  • 3 complete sets of CAPM® Online Mock Simulation Tests 
  • Tips and Techniques on how to pass the CAPM® Exam.
  • Access to High-Quality online self-learning Content, post Workshop
  • Post-workshop support through e-mail, telephone, and webinars.

We at Signup Certification follow a Practitioners' Approach towards training. Signup focuses on:

  • We will prepare you to be confident in taking the CAPM® Exam
  • We will teach you to identify the Primary Constraints of a Project.
  • Learn How to Organize Projects in the most efficient way possible.
  • Understand Concepts and Terminologies that will be used in the CAPM® Exam.
  • Understand the Five Process Groups discussed in the PMBOK® Guide (6th Edition) that form the basis of the Project Management Life Cycle.
  • Understand the Ten Knowledge Areas discussed in PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition and learn how they apply to each of the Process Groups.
  • Understand the Processes of Project Management concerning the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups.
  • Learn how the Processes of Project Management can be applied to a daily work environment.
  • Understand Concepts of Professional Responsibility and Ethics.

Course Outline


  • UNIT 1: Introduction
  • UNIT 2: Organizational Influences & Project Life Cycle
  • UNIT 3: Project Management Processes
  • UNIT 4: Integration Management
  • Validate Scope
  • Control Scope


  • UNIT 5: Scope Management
  • UNIT 6: Time Management
  • UNIT 7: Cost Management
  • UNIT 8: Quality Management
  • UNIT 9: Human Resource Management


  • UNIT 10: Communication Management
  • UNIT 11: Risk Management
  • UNIT 12: Procurement Management
  • UNIT 13: Stakeholder Management
  • PMBOK 6 – a 360-degree review
  • Professional Responsibility and Ethics
  • Final Mock Simulation
  • CAPM® Exam Tips & Guidelines
  • Workshop closure
  • Entry-level Project Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Project Managers that have been inactive from Project Management for an extended period or who do not otherwise meet the requirements for the Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Students

To earn a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification, Candidates need to meet the experience and education requirements as well as pass the CAPM® Exam. The CAPM Exam is a 150-question, multiple-choice test.


A secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) AND 1,500 hours experience OR 23 hours of Project Management education.

PMI®'s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is a valuable Entry-level Certification for Project Practitioners. Designed for those with less than 2 years of project experience, the CAPM® demonstrates your understanding of fundamental knowledge, terminology, and processes of effective Project Management.

A Secondary School Diploma (High School or Global Equivalent) AND 1,500 hours of Project work experience, OR 23 hours of Project Management Education.

PMI®'s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is a valuable Entry-level Certification for Project Practitioners. Designed for those with less than 2 years of Project experience, the CAPM® demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology, and processes of effective Project Management.

CAPM® Training/Preparatory Courses are offered by various training providers. Of course, we suggest the Signup Certification.

Create an account by logging on to and fill the CAPM® application form available on the PMI® website.

You can schedule your test by visiting the Prometric Center website. Prometric Centers are PMI®'s global providers for testing services. Log on to Computer-Based Testing will be held at Prometric Centers. Alternatively, Paper-Based Testing is possible in regions where Prometric Centers are not available.

The exam questions are based on the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition. Enrollment dates for the exams are on an ongoing basis. The exam duration is 3 hours and there are a total of 150 questions on the exam. We suggest preparing with Signup Certification for the best results!

Membership Fees: Students - $40, Individuals - $129. To apply for student membership, the student should be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

Note: All fees are paid annually

Examination Fees:

  • PMI® Members - $225,
  • Non-Members $300
  • Exam Fees are the same for both computer and paper tests.

  • Excellent training by Signup Training trainer. Thank you.

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    • Sunshine Vanover
    • Senior Project Manager
  • Signup Training has amazing customer service and I really appreciated the continuous support before and after training. The prep tools are also excellent. Excellent overall.

    Author image
    • Rebecca Baerga
    • Senior Program/Project Manager
  • Great training! Keep me updated on other training programs you offer, would love to attend. Thanks.

    Author image
    • Brent Standage
    • Engineering Manager
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  • Course was good and I really appreciate all that I've learned. Thank you.

    Author image
    • Kim Moore
  • The training program was organized in an effective manner by Signup Training.

    Author image
    • Jason Valentine
  • Overall good. Thanks.

    Author image
    • Teresa
    • Project Manager
  • Appreciated all the insight provided by the instructor and the additional material suggestions to help pass the certification.

    Author image
    • Paula DeMaranville
    • Contract & Project Manager
  • Very good training. Excellent trainer and good follow up.

    Author image
    • Alessandro De Luca
  • Trainer made it easy for us to follow. Training was organized in a professional manner. Excellent overall!!

    Author image
    • Tammie
    • Account Manager/Program Manager/Project Manager
  • Instructor was great. Very knowledgeable and thorough. Taking the practice tests and then walking through each question was very helpful in assimilating the theoretical knowledge we learned from the PMBOK.

    Author image
    • Jason Robinson
    • Project Manager
  • Signup Training's coach was excellent! Professional and helpful. He offered suggestions on a game plan for studying for the PMP exam and passing the first time!

    Author image
    • Sonda Ford
    • IT Service Manager
  • Excellent training overall

    Author image
    • Annette Mingo
    • Payroll Manager
  • Best trainer!! Great communication and easy to follow. Great overall!!

    Author image
    • Robyn Coleman
    • Project Manager
  • Signup Training online training format was good. I enjoyed learning in this format.

    Author image
    • Kimberly Jolly
    • Senior Project Manager
  • Great course. Was well organized and easy to follow the training instructions.

    Author image
    • Ilija Pizurica
    • Project Manager
  • The training was a great experience overall and I feel comfortable now going into the exam .

    Author image
    • Erin Crawford
    • Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  • The course was well taught. I appreciated the test preparation tips. having the recorded classes have made test preparation easier.

    Author image
    • Wes Nicholson
    • Project Manager
  • Pro. Rodney was Great!, Support Team like "Jenny Thomas" was amazing, she sent me all the info asap, and even called, I'd like to take the future courses from Signup Training.

    Author image
    • Toan (Tom) Nguyen
    • Payroll Coordinator
  • Signup Training's instructor is very professional and courteous. In my opinion, he goes over and above the typical instructor, with a strong focus on what to expect.

    Author image
    • Mark D. Minner
    • Senior Project Manager
  • It was a good experience overall.

    Author image
    • Terence McInerney
    • Managing Partner
  • For me I have found that a short break every hour helps me learn better. Our instructor was a trooper - for teaching 4 days straight, otherwise it was a good experience.

    Author image
    • Brian Fozkos
    • Project Manager
  • Great training.

    Author image
    • Brendon Loucks
    • Project Manager
  • Good instructor. There were a few things that were rushed by but talking to the instructor during breaks helped fill in the areas rushed over. Great overall experience.

    Author image
    • Cory Carter
  • Great instructor, good follow up. May take up future courses.

    Author image
    • Juan Herrada
  • Good instructor, easy to follow instructions. Great overall.

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    • Sr. Communications Consultant
  • Great course. Excellent overall.

    Author image
    • Clinton Brooks Herman
    • Sr. Project Manager
  • Great Instructor! Very interactive and easy to understand.

    Author image
    • Walter Sparling
    • Sr. Project Manager
  • Really happy with the course. Thank you.

    Author image
    • Felix Prado
    • Project Manager
  • I wish we would have been able to have a hard copy of the slides to take notes as we took the class. I understand that the items are in the book, but it would've been nice to have to make notes on. With such an intense course, every little bit will help. Excellent overall though.

    Author image
    • Kristine St. Onge
  • Instructor was great. Excellent overall.

    Author image
    • Keith Frizzell
  • I honestly think with the test changing next month, and trying to complete the application, and study this might be a little to much to accomplish. Good training.

    Author image
    • Dan Duff

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